Scrape Wound

The scrape wounds can be used to create the effect of scraped flesh, torn flesh, skid marks, scratches,...

The gelatin Prosthetics come with an easy to follow instructional manual.
We are also always available to provide extra information or help if needed.


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Completely handmade from start to finish in our own lab.


Please allow some production time before the item can be shipped.

Guarantee of becoming a unique character and loads of fun!

Our gelatin based prosthetics also need Adhesive to apply and Adhesive Remover for easy removal.
We also provide Gelatin Blender to blend the edges with the skin.

For more realism and personality it is possible to use extra make-up and "gore", like fake blood.
Sealer might also be needed to protect the prosthetic from sweat or some types of make-up.

More information and products can be found at our 'Materials' page.