Vladymyr Teeth - Regular Pink Gums - Short Canines
  • Vladymyr Teeth - Regular Pink Gums - Short Canines

Vladymyr Teeth

Customize the Vladymyr FX Teeth to your own specifications.

Apply over your own teeth, using nothing else but hot water in only a few minutes.

Comes with an easy to follow manual and Fitting Beads to make your custom fit.

Gum Color

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Product customization

Use this box to specify Custom Gum Color, Custom Stain and possible Alterations if you have selected these options. Don't forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart.
  • 250 char. max

Completely handmade from start to finish in our own lab.


Please allow some production time before the item can be shipped.

Change the gum color with the gum color option,
determine how dirty your teeth must look with the finish option.
Use the 'Remove' option if you need some cracked or missing teeth, or even if want a rotted gums look.
We can even add blisters or sharpen some teeth with the 'Add' option.
Don't forget to specify your needs in the product customization box so we can meet your expectations.
When not specified we will create something that we think will look awesome with the teeth design.

Handmade Quality

All ProFX Teeth are made by hand in our own lab, with only the best materials to ensure we can create an amazing product.
We put our heart and soul into every set, so they are handled and finished with care and great attention to detail.
But because they are made by hand, no set will be completely the same as the other.
These differences add to the uniqueness of the teeth an make every set one of a kind... Just like real teeth.

How does it work

The FX Teeth come with a special fitting material that can be softened in hot water.
This way it is easy to create your own custom and perfect fitting impressions at home, in only a few minutes.
For more information you can also visit our 'Fitting Instructions' page.


Our ProFX Teeth are veneer styled FX Teeth that can be custom shaped to the arch of your own teeth with hot water. 
This provides great comfort and even makes it still possible to speak while wearing your FX Teeth.

Shape the arch of the FX Teeth to that of your own for a perfect fit

Finish & customizations

The FX Teeth are stained by hand with attention to detail to create a hyper realistic look.
We have full control over the possible customizations or alterations to your FX Teeth because we create every set by hand from start to finish in our own lab.
If special customization options are selected, but not specified we will take the liberty to create what we think looks awesome. This way you can never go wrong.
More info about this can be found on the page 'Personalize Your FX Teeth'.


The production of the FX Teeth only starts when the FX Teeth are ordered, this way we can never run "out-of-stock".
But this also means there is also a production time before your FX Teeth can be shipped.
We try to do this within 6work days, but production times may vary depending on how busy it is in the lab.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you still have some questions... We won't bite!