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Jynx- Funny Teeth

Effortlessly unlock the magic of transformation and elevate your unique character in minutes
as you apply our FX Teeth over your own teeth using hot water. Our user-friendly manual and Fitting Beads allow you to create a perfect fit that brings your dream character to life. Embrace the adventure of becoming anyone you desire with our FX Teeth, leaving a lasting impression that will be remembered.

Feel free to reach out if you would need something specific – We won’t bite!

Braces Color


Completely handmade from start to finish in our own lab.


Please allow some production time before the item can be shipped.

Fake Braces Teeth

Unmatched Quality

In our very own lab, our FX Teeth are handcrafted with the finest materials to guarantee an extraordinary product of unmatched quality. Every set is meticulously finished with an eye for intricate detail and with utmost care, infused with our passion for perfection. No two sets are identical, making each set as special and unique as real teeth.

How does it work

Simply soften the included special fitting material in hot water and create your very own custom and flawless fitting impressions right at home, in mere moments. Explore the 'Fitting Instructions' page for further details and let the magic of transformation begin.


Our veneer-styled FX Teeth can be effortlessly shaped to fit the arch of your own teeth with the use of hot water. Experience amazing comfort, allowing you to speak and engage while enjoying the transformative power of our FX Teeth. Unleash the full potential of your character with our FX Teeth.

Shape the arch of the FX Teeth to that of your own for a perfect fit

Finish & customizations

Each set of our FX Teeth is meticulously hand-stained with great attention to detail and a hyper-realistic appearance that will leave you mesmerized.

From idea to completion, our FX Teeth are crafted with passion and expertise in our very own lab, empowering us to deliver an exceptional product that transcends ordinary boundaries.

Or experience the infinite possibilities and 'Customize your FX Teeth'.
Unleash your imagination and embark on a journey to modify our FX Teeth with your very own finish or let us create some completely custom character teeth that embody your distinct vision. At Moonstruck Effects, we can transform your dreams and nightmares into reality.

Personalize your own Custom Character FX Teeth


At Moonstruck Effects, we believe in crafting each FX Teeth set with utmost dedication and attention to detail. To ensure that every set is a masterpiece, production begins only when you place your order, guaranteeing that we never run "out-of-stock." However, this also means that a production time is required before your FX Teeth are ready to be shipped to you.

To create your personalized FX Teeth, we are aiming to complete the process within 6 workdays. Please keep in mind that production times may vary depending on the lab's workload, but rest assured, we are committed to delivering the highest quality FX Teeth, made especially for you. Your patience will be rewarded with a product that exceeds your expectations.

More questions?

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