New products

New products

Let's turn your dreams into reality… If you aren’t scared of them…

Imagine the limitless possibilities with Moonstruck Effects FX Teeth!

We offer you the freedom to shape and design these masterpieces exactly as you envision them.
Let your imagination run wild, and we will skillfully bring your dreams to life.
This unique approach grants us the extraordinary ability to turn your wildest dreams into reality.


If you haven't found precisely what you're seeking, don't worry; we've got you covered.

With Moonstruck Effects, you hold the power to create a unique and captivating version of FX Teeth that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Let your imagination take flight with a complete custom created set of FX Teeth
or make subtle yet impactful alterations to our existing sets to achieve the appearance that reflects your wildest imaginations.

Feel free to reach out for more details or assistance in bringing your unique visions to life.

Personalize your FX Teeth to perfection by

changing the gum color:

change the Gum Colors for the ProFX Teeth
gum color options for ProFX Teeth - cusotmize charachter teeth - Fangs
Custom character Movie teeth - vampire fangs - monster teeth

or by changing the teeth by customizing the level of "dirty" with our Stain options:
change how dirty your teeth should look - stained FX Teeth - Dirty Teeth - Bleached Teeth - Rotten Teeth


To guide you in making specific alterations, you can use this easy reference:
Tooth guide for selecting specific teeth - Customize your FX Teeth

For instance, if you desire a golden left front tooth in your upper teeth set, simply mention "UL1 gold."
Or, if you want to add a rotten tooth to the right canine of your lower teeth set, just say: "LR3 Rotten."

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these exciting possibilities:

  • - Select cracked and chipped teeth for a weathered look.
  • - Tailor your FX Teeth by removing specific teeth to match your vision.
  • - Add an eerie touch with rotted gums, creating a texture that suggests decay.
  • - Explore intricate patterns, such as scale designs, carved into the teeth or gums.
  • - Enhance the snarling effect with enlarged canines for a fiercer appearance.
  • - Let your creativity soar with endless possibilities for customization.

Feel free to reach out for more details or assistance in bringing your unique visions to life. … We won't bite!

Are you seeking the freedom to bring your unique vision to life or embark on an extraordinary journey of creation? Look no further, as Moonstruck Effects offers the option to craft entirely custom character FX Teeth based on your ideas and requirements.

Embrace the adventure of crafting something entirely your own, all while enjoying the impeccable craftsmanship and authenticity that only Moonstruck Effects can provide.
Dare to envision, dare to create – with Moonstruck Effects, your journey towards a remarkable and personalized FX Teeth experience begins today.

Let's turn your dreams into reality… If you aren’t scared of them…