Pro FX Teeth

• How do the ProFX Teeth work?

The ProFX Teeth are high quality shells that fit over your own teeth. The fit can be adjusted with hot water, exactly how you want it to be.

• Can I wear the FX Teeth if I have caps/crowns/braces?

You can only wear the ProFX Teeth with caps, crowns or braces if you use denture strips or denture adhesive. You cannot use the included plastic beads, as those may cause damage to your dental work. Also be very careful if you have a spacer or permanent retainer.

• Is it hard to fit the ProFX Teeth?

For a first timer it could be a bit tricky, but if you follow the included instructions, there shouldn’t be a problem fitting the ProFX Teeth. More info can also be found on the Fitting Instructions page.
The ProFX Teeth are made from the #1 material for a realistic look; therefore it will take longer to fit these teeth than other novelty teeth products.

• How long will my ProFX Teeth last?

We can’t really put a date on it. The most accurate prediction would be: several years. As long as you don’t misuse your ProFX Teeth or purposely damage them, they could even last forever (so if you’d return as a zombie, you may still be able to reuse them, to look even scarier)!
The fit however could need to be changed annually, or even earlier, due to the shifting of your teeth or just for hygienic reasons.
More Fitting Material can be found on the Fitting Instructions page.

• What are the ProFX Teeth made of?

Our FX Teeth are made from dental acrylic. This is the same material your dentist would use to make dentures.
We have our own dental acrylics, this way we have full control over the quality and color.
To add extra detail to the FX Teeth we use acrylic stains. These stains are designed to use on dental acrylics. Because we have our own acrylic stains we can create almost every color you want.

• I want to buy some teeth but only the uppers/ the lowers of a set I saw on the site. Is this possible?

Not a problem. Just mail us!

• Will fake blood or red wine stain my FX Teeth?

Fake blood and red wine should only stain your ProFX Teeth like it would stain your real teeth. This means the FX Teeth can be wiped clean with your tongue while you ware them or with a tissue.


• Is it safe to use the “gore” or blood into the mouth?

Our “gore” line and FX blood is 100% safe. We only use food grade components to produce it, so no harm can be done when you use it inside the mouth or on the skin.

• Can I also use other products to glue the prosthetics to my skin?

Although it is better to use our own, recommended materials, you could also use other products like spirit gum or latex.


• What is the right way to create my character?

There is no “right way”: we only offer “a way” that we consider to be the best. The only “right way” we can think of, is the way that gets the job done and fits best for you.

• What is the Moonstruck Effects location?

The Moonstruck Effects shop is based in Belgium:
Moonstruck Effects
Langestraat 123
9473 Welle


• Can I add an item to my order?

Before you have paid, it is possible to add items to your order. Just mail us at or use the contact page.
In the mail you add your name, address, order number … ánd the item(s) you wish to add to your order. We will change your invoice and send you an updated one.
HOWEVER. If you’ve already paid for the order before you want to add a new item to it, it is NOT possible to place that item on the same invoice. That means you will need to place a new order. This order will have it’s own invoice, cost and waiting time.


More info about shipping can also be found in the Terms & Conditions or shipping page.

• Is it possible to ship internationally?

Yes, it is: we can ship our products all over the world.

• How long is the wait time or when can I expect my order?

Normally we are very accurate on getting your order shipped. After that it all depends on the couriers …
Our wait times change, depending on many things:
- What products did you order?
We wait for your order to be shipped until every desired item is complete, so we can send it to you in one package and no other costs are needed.
- What country do you live in?
courier times: Belgium orders can be shipped within 3 working days, for adjacent countries the term is 4 working days, for most European countries 7 working days, and 9 working days for the rest of the world.
- Is your order controlled by customs in your country?
- Was it a customized order?
Waiting times vary depending on what needs to be customized.