Our company

My name is Rudger De Zwaef, and I’m the owner and founder of Moonstruck Effects.

Moonstruck Effects

We create hyper realistic special effect products for movie and entertainment.
Every product is made by hand in our own lab from start to finish. Everything is made by order, so we don’t mass-produce our products.
Because every product is made by hand we are able to finish the entire product with great attention to detail and finish. It also allows us to create and modify everything to your needs.

Our innovative work on creating FX Teeth has put us on the map of Special Effects.
We hope you will enjoy the high level of realism in our products and will have lots of fun with it!



“ Thank you very much for your product, it´s simply perfect!!! ^_^
…Only one thing to say about the teeth; I LOVE THEM!!! Love the style, the look, everything!!! Thank you so much for your time and effort! You guys are true artist and I´m happy I made the order to you!!! You´re the best!!! “

Pedro Lujan

"I was EXTREMELY impressed with the quality of these. The ProFX Teeth were very easy to fit to my mouth and the fitting beads helped them stay in place comfortably. Moonstruck is definitely the route to go if you want your costume to look amazing! Little accessories like teeth can make or break a costume so ditch the drug store teeth and go with people who really know what they are doing!"

Stephy Sumner

Moonstruck Effects

Rudger De Zwaef
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