We can ship our products all over the world!

The shipping fees are automatically calculated in the shopping cart and vary depending on your location and order weight.
The exact shipping cost can only be calculated after you have given us your shipping details.

Packages are generally dispatched as soon as possible. 
Keep in mind all our products are created by hand in our own lab from start to finish,
so there is also a production time prior to shipment.
The production for your order starts after receipt of payment.

During the checkout process it is possible to select your shipping method.

Regular Shipping

Regular Shipping is the cheapest way of shipping and does not have tracking.
This method has an average transit time, but can be slightly slower than the Secure Shipping method.
Special care is taken to protect fragile objects, but because this option can't be insured, your package will be dispatched at your own risk. Because this option doesn't have tracking there is unfortunately nothing we can do if your parcel would get lost.

Secure Shipping

Secure Shipping has a tracking code and can be tracked through the website of the courier.
Please  us if you want to track your order yourself.
This shipping method also guarantees your order will arrive without damage.
Special care is taken to protect fragile objects.
Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

If you prefer an express delivery, please contact us so we can find out together what might be the best shipping method for your needs. We will send you a separate invoice for this.
If you have already chosen a shipping option the cost for this will be taken into account for calculating the express shipping cost.

If you wish to use any other service, couriers etc., please contact us so we can arrange an ideal shipping for your needs.
Orders that are customized to your request will cost more to get your items shipped and incur a small additional handling charge.

Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with information to track your order status.

The shipping costs on our website include the costs for the shipment, transport, tax (depending on your location), handling costs, packaging and print work.
These costs vary according to total weight of the shipment, your location and the total of ordered products.
All preliminary shown shipping costs are excluding tax. All of our normal orders are sent by B-post mail.
Delivery times vary depending on your location.

Transit times may vary depending on your location and shipping method. We are also not responsible for longer transit times caused by the courier or customs, or additional customs fees.We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately when the order has been marked completed, and shipping fees will apply to each of them.

We reserve the right to refuse refunds on orders that have been given priority handling, have been given special treatment in order to fit customers personal/professional deadlines or that are customized to your needs.
Please be aware that once your order has been passed to the delivery service, control of the delivery is out of our hands.
So from this point we don't have control anymore and also have to rely on the promises the courier has made.
Please contact us if you should find your order is longer in transit than expected, so we can take a closer look into this.
We will always be ready to help if possible.

When shipping outside Belgium, orders will pass through customs both in Belgium and the destination country; customs in each country will have their own laws and regulations and can occasionally cause delays, even to packages sent by services guaranteed by couriers.
We are also not responsible for customs fees. Moonstruck Effects has no control over customs laws. Please do not complain to us in regards to this. We will not alter an invoice or adjust retail values as to avoid a higher customs fee.

Customers deadlines and schedules are not the responsibility of Moonstruck Effects.