New products

New products

Custom FX Teeth

Custom character FX Teeth created from your ideas and requirements. 

The big difference between our Custom character FX Teeth and our ProFX Teeth is that the Custom FX Teeth are specially created for you to fit only your teeth.

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  • Custom Character Teeth


    Custom character teeth created from your ideas and requirements.

    Together we will bring your ideas to life!

    once you have ordered this product we will contact you to discuss your ideas and requirements, and together we will find the best options and solutions to meet all your requirements and deadlines.

    This digital order is not a binding order, but only a way to get in touch.

  • Dental Impression Kit


    Impression Kit for our Custom FX Teeth.

    If you are unable to have castings made, this Dental Impression Kit can be the solution for you.
    With this Dental Impression Kit you can take an impression of your own teeth.
    We need these impressions to create your Custom FX Teeth.

    Includes an easy to follow manual
    and we are also always available to provide extra information or help if needed.

  • Custom Fake Braces


    The Custom Fake Braces are made onto a cast of your own teeth, so they will fit perfectly inside your mouth,
    following the exact contour of every tooth. This way the Custom FX Teeth will feel more 'natural' inside your mouth, and it will look like you have braces attached to your own teeth.

    If you choose to specify your braces color, please add this in the comments during checkout.
    We take the liberty to still add a random color if not specified.