Custom FX Teeth

Custom character FX Teeth created from your ideas and requirements. 

The big difference between our Custom character FX Teeth and our ProFX Teeth is that the Custom FX Teeth are specially created for you to fit only your teeth.


Please contact us so we can discuss your ideas and requirements, and together we will find the best options and solutions to meet all your requirements and deadlines.

How does the process work?

The process starts with an impression of your teeth.
The quickest and easiest option is to have these made at your dentist or local dental lab.
Normally they will also immediately create a casting from these impressions. We need these castings before we can start production.
If they are unable to create castings from these impressions please specify the impressions need to be made in silicone (instead of alginate) because the impressions will need to survive the shipping.

If you are unable to have your castings made, you can use our Dental Impression Kit so you can take the impressions yourself at home. With our Dental Impression Kit the impression is made with mouth safe silicone impression materials causing it to last much longer so it can be shipped around the world without the risk of damaging or deforming the impression. The trays are also shorter than usual to make the process easier and this also can eliminate the gag reflex.

In our lab we now make an exact copy of your teeth so we can start creating the Custom Fake Braces FX Teeth.
The process is done by hand so we can monitor every detail and can deliver an amazing product.

Because we create everything by hand in our own lab we also have full control over the finishing process. So please contact us first if you would like a different product than shown in the picture, because we might be able to help you with your requirements.
This means we can alter and change things to fulfill your dreams.
You will be amazed how we can create what you never dared to imagine.

Because the Custom FX Teeth are made onto a cast of your own teeth they will fit perfectly inside your mouth,
following the exact contour of every tooth. This way the Custom FX Teeth will feel more 'natural' inside your mouth, and it will look like you have braces attached to your own teeth.

During all these steps we will do our best to stay in touch so you can follow the process.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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