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Fitting Teeth

Always follow the manual.
Moonstruck Effects is not responsible for the misuse of their products.

Always work in a clean environment.
If needed the curve of the FX Teeth can be altered. To do this, place the FX Teeth in a cup of hot water and leave them in for about
a minute. This wil make the FX Teeth flexible and pliable.

Flexible Pro FX Teeth - Cusotmize to your own size

Carefully remove the FX Teeth from the hot water with a spoon or another object that cannot damage the teeth.
Be careful not to burn yourself in the process. It is now possible to shape the FX Teeth to the curve of your own teeth. You can do this by placing the FX Teeth over your own teeth, and then push and squeeze them until they fit. The better they fit, the better the appearance. So make sure you keep the alignment of the teeth in mind.

Hold them into place for a few seconds, until the FX Teeth are becoming hard enough to handle again. In this manual we will start with the upper teeth.

Place the Fitting Beads (for the uppers about 60% of the bag, for the lowers 40%) into a cup of hot water and wait until the beads are transparent. When they are transparent and start to stick to each other, the beads are ready for use.
Remove the beads out of the water and roll the beads into a small wormlike creature, about the length of the FX Teeth. Be careful not to burn yourself in the process. If you have used too much fitting beads, you can easily pinch off the excess while the fitting material is still flexible.
Place the freshly rolled worm creature of fitting material onto the FX Teeth. Try to place it where your own teeth will come, over the length of the shell above the ridge.

Our fitting beads can be softened in hot water. Reshape them so they can fit on the back of the FX Teeth. Create a custom fitting set of FX Teeth at home easy, with just hot water!

Place the FX Teeth on your own teeth. Make sure you push with both hands, so the form of your own teeth is transferred to the fitting material. All the fitting material that comes from underneath the shell, should be pushed to the back of your teeth, using your fingers and tongue.
Creating a vacuum with your mouth might help to get a better transfer of your own teeth into the fitting material.
While you are holding the FX Teeth in place, try not to move or shift, because that could hinder a good grip later on.

Fit the FX Teeth perfectly over your own teeth. Create a unique movie quality character for screen or entertainment.

If you want to make sure you don’t have undercuts or pieces that could lock onto your teeth, hold the FX Teeth in place for a few seconds, before carefully releasing them from your mouth and then place the FX Teeth back into your mouth to remove any undercuts. Make sure not to distort the imprint.
Hold in place for a while until the fitting material is getting semi rigid.
Don’t let the fitting material set onto your teeth: that could cause the material to lock onto undercuts and make it difficult to remove!

If this would happen, slushing hot water around in your mouth could help to make the fitting material soft again, or help from a dentist could be needed to remove them. Carefully remove the FX Teeth from your teeth. Try not to dent the fitting material.

Place the FX Teeth into some cold water for a faster hardening of the fitting material. When the fitting material turns white, the material is hardened and the FX Teeth are ready to be used.

Now repeat the steps for the lower teeth.

When the FX Teeth are ready, you can snap them back on. Any imperfections can still be touched up. If you are not happy with the fit, start the process all over again, until it fits right. Keep in mind the FX Teeth should sit comfortable and shouldn’t hurt to wear.
If your set of FX Teeth fits your comfort, you can freely put them in and take them out whenever and wherever you want to have some fun!

Easy application of the FX Teeth at home with only hot water. Apply the teeth where and when you want. The special way of fitting still allows you to speak while wearing the teeth. Such a high quality and so realistic you could fool yourself.

Hold the ProFX Teeth in the center at the top and the bottom when removing them from the paper tube.
For a better grip of the fitting material make sure the fitting material and the back of the FX Teeth are dry.
You can always place the fitting material back into hot water: that will make it flexible again, making it easier to shape, put it onto the FX Teeth or to take the imprint of your teeth.
When reheating the fitting material attached to the FX Teeth it will also make
the FXTeeth flexible – so be careful to maintain the shape if you have adjusted the curve of the FX Teeth.
The more beads you use, the more space there will be between the FX Teeth and your own, or the more excess fitting material that will come from underneath the FX Teeth. Also: don’t use too little, because that could cause the FX Teeth to sit loosely in your mouth.
If wanted all the excess fitting material that covers the back of your teeth, can be cut off with a sharp knife. If this process leaves some sharp edges, you can place the sharp edge back into hot water to carefully soften it (try not to distort the fit).

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