Customize Your FX Teeth - The Finish Option

Published : 03/18/2015 10:31:35

Because we create everything in our own lab, we can also offer the option to create what YOU want.
The Moonstruck Effects FX Teeth can be completely altered to your imagination.

In this part I'm going to explain a bit more about the finish options. 

Finish Options


All standard versions of our teeth are unstained. This means the teeth are shown in their original color.
This option is perfect if you want to give your FX Teeth a more natural look.


The stained version of the teeth is a standard stain we have created to match a specific gum color.
This means that every style with the same gum color will be finished in the same way, or the gum color also decides the finish.
It is still possible the colors are a bit different from the pictures because all the teeth are stained by hand.
These slight differences also contribute to the uniqueness of the teeth, making them even more like real teeth would be.

Custom stain:

Moonstruck FX Teeth - Custom Teeth - customized FX teethThis option gives you the option to give us the directions on how you want to finish your FX Teeth! We can create almost every color, so only your imagination is the limit.
You may specifie as much details as you can in the 'Order Comment' of your order, so we can satisfie your needs.
So if you want your FX Teeth to look more rotten or if you want a pattern on the gums... It is all possible!

   Customize your FX Teeth - Gold FX Teeth finish - pirate teeth   Orc Teeth - Gum color Pattern - Customized FX Teeth

   Wolf Teeth - Gum color pattern    Wolf Teeth - Spotted Gums - Customized FX Teeth

Still in doubt about how you want your finish?!
Feel free to contact us. We won't bite!

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