Customize Your FX Teeth - The Alterations

Published : 06/17/2015 17:56:18

Because we create everything in our own lab, we can also offer the option to create what YOU want.
The Moonstruck Effects FX Teeth can be completely altered to your imagination.

In this part I'm going to explain a bit more about the different alterations options. 

The "Remove" option

Ckracked Teeth, chipped teeth, rotted gums even scale patterns. It's all possible with the REMOVE optionWith the "remove" option you can alter the teeth by removing some parts of the teeth:

- Ckacked and Chipped teeth: Cracks are drilled into the teeth to create a more gruesome look
   Moonstruck Effects ProFX Teeth altered to create a more zombified look

- Removing teeth: We can take away teeth from the standard FX Teeth style
Moonstruck Effects ProFX Teeth customized to create an awesome zombie effect

- Rotted Gums: We create an extra texture into the gums so it looks it is rotting away
Moonstruck Effects Teeth with added cracked teeth and rotted gums

- Patterns: We can groove patterns into the teeth or gums. For example a scale pattern
Moonstruck Effects FX Teeth - Erebus teeth customized with reptile scale pattern on the gums

- Or let your imagination guide you to some other possibilities.

The "Add" option

Add some custom options to your FX Teeth like longer canines and fangs, sharper teeth, mix teeth styles or add other things.With the "Add" option it is possible to add some extra things to your FX Teeth:

- Larger canines: we can enlarge the fangs for a more snarly effect.
Custom Sharpened fangs on the Moonstruck Effects FX Teeth   Moonstruck Effects Korrigan FX Teeth with longer canines to create a demon smile

- Sharpened teeth: When you thing your teeth aren't sharp enough, we can make them sharper for you

Custom Gum Color:

Custom gum colors for the Moonstruck Effects FX Teeth - Customize them the way YOU want it!This option gives you the option to give us the directions on how you want the Gum Color of the FX Teeth to be! We can create almost every color, so only your imagination is the limit.

Don't forget to specifie as much details as you can in the 'Order Comment' of your order, so we can satisfie your needs.
So if you want your FX Teeth to look more rotten or if you want a pattern on the gums... It is all possible!

Still in doubt about how you would like to customize your teeth?!
Feel free to contact us. We won't bite!

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