Custom FX Teeth are launched!

Published : 04/17/2016 18:41:32

From now on not only movie actors can enjoy our Custom FX Teeth, but you may also be one of them!

Custom Teeth:

The Process

The process stars by taking an impression of your teeth.
In our case you can use our Impression Kit.
With our Impression Kit the impression is made with mouth safe silicone impression materials causing it to last much longer so it can be shipped around the world without the risk of damaging or deforming the impression.
Other than alginate or thermoplastic impressions our Impression Kit also captures much more details of your teeth and gums. Therefor you don't have any risk the Custom FX Teeth will hurt while wearing them!

In our lab we now make an exact copy of your teeth so we can start sculpting the Custom FX Teeth.
This is done by hand so we can monitor every detail and can deliver an amazing product.

Sthe sculpting process is also done by hand. So every tooth on your Custom set of FX Teeth is placed there by us.
This is why we can make infinite alterations in designs and finishes so we can create the teeth YOU want.

Once the sculpture is done we make a copy of it so we can replace the sculpting materials with Dental Acrylics.
This is the same material that is used to make false teeth to come as close to the real thing.

Now the we can start the finishing.
Because we create everything by hand in our own lab we also have full control over the finishing process.
This means we can alter and change things to fulfill your dreams.
You will be amazed how we can create what you never dared to imagine.

Because the Custom FX Teeth are made onto a cast of your own teeth they will fit perfectly inside your mouth,
following the exact contour of every tooth. Tis way the Custom FX Teeth will feel more 'natural' inside your mouth.

Difference between Custom FX Teeth and Pro FX Teeth

The big difference between our Custom FX Teeth and our ProFX Teeth is that the Custom FX Teeth are made to fit your teeth. The Pro FX Teeth are generic fit FX Teeth. This means the Pro FX Teeth can fit most people and the Custom FX Teeth can only fit you.

Where you need the Fitting Beads to fit the Pro FX Teeth no extra materials are needed for the Custom FX Teeth.
An impression of your teeth is already cast into the Custom FX Teeth.
This is also why the Custom FX Teeth can only fit you.

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